Top 10 Weirdest State Laws

Laila Sanders, staff writer

Number Ten: Connecticut 

In Connecticut they have a law stating that pickles should bounce. Sounds a little whacky, but weirdly its true. In 1948 pickle packers Sidney Sparer and Moses Dexler were arrested for selling pickles that were “unfit for human consumption”. Fredrick Holcomb then conducted a series of laboratory tests to examine if pickles are “good” for consumption. With that research he states that if you drop a pickle from one foot it should bounce, and this is where the law originated from. 

Number Nine: Idaho 

I wouldn’t really call this law a weird law, I would say it’s more of a sweet one. The mayor of Idaho passed an ordinance in 1948 making it illegal not to smile. It was jokingly passed to boost morale of the people because of severe winter weather that they were undergoing, since then the ordinance just stuck. Now the state of Idaho is known as the “U.S. Smile Captial”. 

Number Eight: Alaska 

Now this is something you would think would never have to be said, but in Alaska there is a law stating that moose are not allowed on sidewalks. In Fairbanks, Alaska, the mayor was tired of bartender Pete Buckholtz and his pet moose. Buckholtz refused to stop bringing his moose to work, so in 1913 the mayor put in an ordinance that prohibited moose from being on sidewalks.  

Number Seven: New Hampshire 

Personally, I don’t see why anyone would want to have a picnic in a cemetery, but if you do, don’t go to New Hampshire. Having a picnic in a cemetery is claimed to be disrespectful to the deceased, so there is a law stating, “no picnics in cemetery’s”. Going along with that law, it is also illegal to walk around in cemeteries any other time than daytime. 

Number Six: New Jersey 

If you find pumping your own gas a chore, then don’t worry, just move to New Jersey. New Jersey is the only state in the US that has made pumping your own gas illegal. Only attendants are allowed to pump gas into vehicles and if you violate this law, you can be charged up to $250.

Number Five: Washington  

A Sasquatch crossing sign in the Oregon wilderness. (Paul Brady/Dreamstime/TNS) (TNS)

In Washington if you ever come across a Sasquatch, you are not allowed to kill or harm it. In 1991, Whatcom County, Washington, declared itself a Sasquatch protection and refuge area.  

Number Four: West Virigina  

You can legally eat roadkill in West Virgina. This law was put in place to attempt to help clean up the streets and decrease the amount of resources spent by state officials. Surprisingly, this is legal in 20 other states besides West Virgina. So, if you’re looking for an easy meal just check out the side of the road. 

Number Three: Oregan  

With some laws coming from fun colorful backstories, this is one law I’d rather leave a mystery. In Oregan they have a law stating that throwing human waste is punishable by law. I feel like this shouldn’t be something that has to be enforced, but in Oregan, it is. 

Number Two: Louisiana 

If you are interested in taking your pet alligator for a walk, don’t leave it tied to a fire hydrant. This law falls under the category, reptile restrictions, which also prevents snakes from being closer than 200 yards to a Mardi Gras parade. 

Number One: Washington DC 

If you want to pull a little dance flashmob in DC, then I’d recommend not to do it by a national monument. It is prohibited to bust a move at the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and other parks in the National Capital Region.