Coachella In the Flesh

Laila Sanders, Staff Writer

Don’t let the music, surprise guests, and excitement deceive you. Coachella 2023 was full of celebrity drama and costly risks. 

One hundred and sixty-seven artists played at Coachella this year, not including many special guests. Bad Bunny, Blackpink, and Frank Ocean were headliners for week one.  

Unfortunately, Frank Ocean had to drop out of performing for week two due to obtaining a leg injury. He suffered two fractures and a sprain in his left leg. Pop-punk band, Blink-182, replaced Frank Ocean and headlined for week two. 

Many artists debuted new songs on their sets and brought many guests to the stage, including The Weekend, Future, Offset, Saweetie, Lola Brooke and Lil Durk.   

K-pop group, Blackpink made history by being the first K-pop group to headline at Coachella. Becky G performed a tribute medley to her greatest influence, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. The songs consisted of some of Selena’s biggest hits. However, Becky G was not the only artist to pay tribute to another artist. Glorilla paid tribute to Gangsta Boo during her performance as well.  

After weekend one, Coachella was fined 117,000 dollars for going over their curfew. According to the city of Indo, for each performance that goes over Coachella’s curfew, 1 AM, one gets fined $20,000 and an extra $1,000 a minute starting at six minutes past curfew. So on top of those costs, Frank Ocean dropping out of Coachella after weekend one cost them millions of dollars.

Bad Bunny apologized to Harry Styles during his weekend two performance after supposedly dissing him the weekend before. However, a couple of days after the incident, a representative of the singer tells Rolling Stone that the singer had no comment, and the visual content company that produced the images in Bad Bunny’s set confirmed that the artist disapproved of the tweet dissing the British singer/actor, Harry Styles.  

In addition to the Bad Bunny’s apology, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello were caught kissing during Coachella. The pop music artists became friends in 2014 and started dating in July 2019. Sadly, they broke up in November 2021, but fans secretly root for them to reunite.  

I wouldn’t get too excited just yet for all the Shawn and Camilla fans after hearing this news. Although, according to Page Six, rumors began circling that they would get back together, those were untrue. They remain just friends even after their PDA-filled reunion.