The Summer I Turned Pretty Review


Laila Sanders, Staff Writer

In The Summer I Turned Pretty, Isabel Conklin, famously known as Belly, goes on her yearly beach trip with her family and her mom’s best friend’s family. Belly soon finds herself torn between the two boys she has grown up with her whole life, Conrad, and Jermiah Fisher. As the two brothers compete for her attention, Belly starts to experience growing up and living in her teenage years, being stupid and making mistakes.  

I loved how the series brought a perfect combination of drama and romance, from the first episode to the last, I was intrigued more with every second. It truly had me hanging on the edge of my seat. The series had me and my friends arguing about who Belly should choose and discussing all the different possibilities. It definitely is a great conversation starter. The director, Jenny Han, really brought the show together, creating a beautiful masterpiece full of drama suspense, and intrigue. Overall, I would absolutely recommend this series.