The Greatest Show on Turf: The 2022 Homecoming Dance

Laila Sanders, Staff writer

Zachary High has its first Homecoming dance after three years. Thoroughly enjoying themselves, many singles and couples danced the night away. 


The homecoming theme, “The Greatest Show on Turf”, lived up to its name. Great music was played, including line dances, “Cha Cha slide” and “Bunny Hop”, bringing all the students together. Past hits, like “Whip and Nae Nae” and “Runnin’ Man” pulled everyone’s heartstrings as they danced along to the beat. Professional photos were provided before entering the dance along with free photo booth pictures inside the dance. Many great memories were made for the students of Zachary High. 

Students vacillated between homecoming outfits and took measures to make sure they looked exceptional, prior to the dance. This was Julia Blanchard’s (11) first homecoming dance, and she was a little intimidated, knowing there would be many people, but she really enjoyed her time. Julia went to a few stores to find her dress. On the day of the dance, her sister did her hair and makeup. This year’s homecoming dance was a great beginning to a covid-free year. Since the last three homecoming dances were canceled, this year’s dance made up for it; it was exciting and enjoyable.  

The student body went all out; it was cool to see everyone dressed to impress. The ladies were in their nicest dresses and the men came dressed in their best suits. Though everyone’s feet were aching at the end, Zachary High’s 2022 homecoming dance was a night to remember.