Greatest Show on Turf: Pep Rally

Maddy Snyder, Staff Writer/Editor

Zachary High’s homecoming pep rally left students excited for the big game.

You don’t have to be a football fanatic to enjoy homecoming week. From the dance to the dress-up days, Zachary High School’s campus is buzzing throughout the week leading up to the big game. And nothing gets students more excited than the homecoming pep rally.

The flag dancers kicked off the rally with a synchronized performance to the hit song “Vegas” by Doja Cat. The cheer team then performed a “circus clown routine,” which included round off back handsprings, toe-touch basket stunts, and everything in between. The school’s featured twirler, Zora Boutain-Birks, then demonstrated her baton twirling skills to the song “Circus” by Britney Spears. Next, the dancers performed a dazzling routine, which comedically portrayed circus characters such as the strongman, an assortment of circus animals, and even popcorn!

Finally, the homecoming maids were formally introduced (see “Greatest Show on Turf: Homecoming Maids” for more information).

Enthusiasm filled the air at the pep rally. Evelyn (Eva) Godbold (10), described it as contagiously exciting: “… watching everyone get so excited about [homecoming], made me excited too… because we’re [so] close-knit… I feel like if everyone’s excited, it… spreads…”.

The performers were beyond thrilled as well. Kemile Vidrine (10) said, “I love performing, it’s always been my favorite part of cheer… It’s kind of like everything else just goes away and I just cheer… I just fell in love with it.” But performing is more than spirited shouts and perky pompoms. Vidrine went on to describe the tireless vigor behind the team’s performance: “It was a lot… most people don’t think that cheer takes a lot of effort, but… throwing people in the air isn’t something everyone is skilled at doing… it takes a lot of effort, and more than people think.”

Obviously, their hard work paid off as Godbold continued to describe the support and excitement the students displayed during the rally. “Because we’re so close, everyone is just so supportive of each other and it creates such a healthy, supportive, excited atmosphere,” she said. Football player, Ryan Holiday (12), echoed Godbold’s thoughts, saying, “[With everyone] showing all the school spirit… it’s just a great environment to be around.”

Meeting and exceeding expectations, the 2022 Homecoming Pep Rally left everyone exhilarated!