ZHS Junior Ring Ceremony

Laila Sanders and Alyvia Pierson

Class of 2024 – 200 Juniors committed to graduation with the presentation of their class ring. 

It’s finally here. The Class of 2024 has anticipated their ring ceremony since school opened in August. They met with Jostens and other suppliers to design the perfect ring. Dressed in the perfect outfit, the Juniors knew this ring ceremony would be memorable. Speeches from the Junior Class President, Vice President, Reporter, and Historian gave meaning to the night and expressed what the Juniors were feeling. Juniors entered the archway, accepted their ring box, and opened the ring for the first time.  

 The class ring symbolizes one’s commitment to graduation. Commonly the ring is engraved with the school’s name, graduation year, and one’s name or initials; however, many students also add personal engravings noting extracurricular activities they are involved in or causes they support. It is customary to wear the class ring engravings toward the owner. When the student graduates, the engravings of the class ring should be worn on the outside to show others your accomplishment.  

Alyvia Pierson

Alyvia Pierson (pictured to the left) saw the ring ceremony as a reward for her dedication and hard work in school. Knowing she was three semesters from graduating made it clear that she was one step closer to entering the real world. The realization frightened her even though she knew it was a significant accomplishment. Upon receiving her ring, Alyvia felt “nervous, because I was in front of my entire class, and I didn’t like the attention on me. Yet, I enjoyed watching everyone’s reaction to opening their box, and I especially loved mine”.   

Mackenzie Thompson (not pictured) was very nervous, but excited to receive her ring. She is terrified at the thought that graduation is just getting closer, she states “I don’t even know what I want to do. It’s kind of like time is speeding up and I’m just standing here not knowing what to do.” Mackenzie is slowly preparing herself to go out into the real world. She explains that “School is all I’ve ever known and now I have to figure out what I’m going to do after that… although I am very excited to see what the future holds.” 

Kasen Sinclair

Kasen Sinclair (pictured to the right) shares how excited and anxious he was to get the ring. Kasen was pleased to see all his fellow classmates receive their ring. Getting closer to graduation Kasen explains how “It’s very nerve racking, graduation is in a year and I’m already a junior and first semester is coming to an end. It has been moving very fast.” 

As the junior class slowly moves to the day that they leave the shelter of their family homes and start to make their own life, they fight the feelings of excitement and anxiousness. They grow more restless as time goes by, yearning to become a real member of society. I personally can’t wait to see what this class brings to the table. Congratulations Class of 2024!