New Years’ Resolutions

Alyvia Pierson and Laila Sanders

Happy 2023! It’s that time of the year again, when many create goals, they want to achieve in the new year. We asked various students their New Year’s resolutions and their plan on achieving them. Afterall, new year, new you!




Jace Green, 9, feels great entering 2023 and believes it’ll be an excellent year for him. Green aspires to finish the semester off strong. Wanting to have better habits than in 2022, Green hopes to improve his daily routine. In addition, he wants to continue to work hard to maintain his grades.







Grateful for the new year, Teryn Garcia, 12, believes 2023 will be a happy and positive year for everyone. Academically, she hopes to finish her final high school semester to graduate in May. In addition, Garcia will continue to cheer for Fireworks, her cheer team, at Zachary Cheer Athletics. Personally, Garcia aspires put herself first instead of pursuing relationships.









Kayla Spears, 12, aspires to be more productive and punctual in her schoolwork to have more time for herself. She is optimistic about the new year and plans not to overload herself with work. Furthermore, Spears is looking forward to graduation. Using her outstanding English grade as motivation, Spears hopes to maintain her grades.








Nicole Redmond

Ms. Redmond is super excited entering the new year, she had an amazing 2022 and is ready for 2023. She is proud to say that she accomplished her ambitious goal of reading a book a month last year, and she has created new ambitious goals for the new year. Her biggest goal this year is to run 150 miles throughout the course of the year, and she states that she is doing that currently by training for the crescent city classic. Overall, she states that her new year’s resolution is “to spend less time on my phone and do things that make me more present in the moment, like running, and stuff like that, that’s not just me scrolling on TikTok for hours.” 






Lola Granger (10)

Lola Granger, 10, unbeknownst to herself is surprisingly excited for the new year. Leaving 2022 behind, she is proud to say that she made good friends and became closer with old acquaintances. She wishes to keep her good grades this year and hopes to improve her mental health and the people she surrounds herself with. Her new year’s resolution is to “think positive thoughts”, which can be such a simple but hard task to accomplish.









Marleigh Wright (not pictured), 9, has very high hopes for this year: “I’m feeling really confident, and I feel like this is going to be a good year for me” She is pleased to say that her grades improved drastically in 2022 and she plans to keep it that way. Marleigh really wants to focus on committing to her sport over the course of 2023, with her overall new year’s resolution being to become more confident in what she does and to not second-guess herself.