Making History, One Lift at a Time

Alyvia Pierson, Staff Editor/Writer

Powerlifting, a strength sport that consists of squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, requires mental toughness, strength, and diligence. Succeeding in all areas of the sport, Jaydan Jackson (12) becomes the strongest female powerlifter in Louisiana. 

Becoming an Olympic sport in 1896, men dominated the strenuous sport until now. Women entered the scene in the 1970s and 1980s when female wrestlers became prominent. Most recognized powerlifters, Anna Pardzhiani, and Noémie Allabert showed the world the endless possibilities for women in Powerlifting through their outstanding achievements.  

Zachary’s very own, Jaydan Jackson (12), has proved this yet again, through her numerous state titles as the strongest female powerlifter in the state. We asked Jackson about her experience in Powerlifting and what this means for her future.   

How long have you been Powerlifting? 


“Three years, going on my fourth.” 


I decided to do Powerlifting, because it was something my sisters did, and I knew it would help me with throwing.

— Jaydan Jackson

How many titles have you won in Powerlifting? 


“Two so far, I’m working on my third state title”. 


How often do you train or practice? What is your training routine? 


“I train two times a week; arms on Mondays and deadlifts and squats are on Wednesdays, then I do auxiliary work afterwards”. 


What does the day of a Powerlifting meet look like for you? 


“I just chill until it’s almost time for me to lift then I go warm up”. 


What fears, conflicts or hardships have you experienced in Powerlifting? 


“I had surgery on my shoulder this past summer because I kept dislocating it and ended up with a bicep and labrum tear.” 


No, I’m not going to pursue Powerlifting in college, because I don’t want to pursue something that could potentially injure me and jeopardize my scholarship for track.

— Jaydan Jackson


How does it feel to become the strongest female powerlifter in Louisiana? 




What advice would you give anyone doing Powerlifting or someone wanting to try it? 


“Just do it! It’s a great way to help take your mind off things and put your body in a healthy state”. 


How do you use your accomplishments to inspire others?  


“Most females don’t think of lifting weights; some just think that lifting weights is just for men, and others think they’re going to start looking manly. So, when they see me lifting heavy weights, I want to give others hope and confidence to do the same and show them that you can lift heavy and keep your feminine shape.”