Join the Club!

Alyvia Pierson, Staff Writer/Editor

Are you looking for an extracurricular activity next school year? You may know of many invitation-only clubs, however, check out these clubs that are open to anyone! 



Dungeons & Dragons 

Are you a board game expert, or do you love to dabble in magic? Join the Dungeons & Dragons Club, sponsored by Mr. Delatte and Mr. Maloy! D&D meets weekly to play 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy board game involving wizards, monsters, and other mystical beings.   

“We build creativity, teamwork, and social skills while saving the multiverse from local, international, and existential threats, ” Mr. Delatte said.

Players create characters with interesting quirks and creative ideas. DM, Dungeon Masters, are the authors of the game.

“People should join D&D club because it’s just fun to mess around with people in the game, and it’s a good way to make friends,” Nicholas Funk (11) said. 

Everyone is welcome; expect announcements sometime in the upcoming school year! 



Are you a devoted Christian? FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, welcomes all! It’s a nationwide club where students congregate every Tuesday morning to either listen to a guest speaker share the Word or listen to students share their devotionals/testimonials.  

“I help spread the word so that all students at ZHS know they are welcome. It doesn’t matter what church they go to or if they do not go to church at all, FCA is for all students. I also bring donuts!” Mrs. Hebert said, FCA sponsor.   

Next year, FCA plans to go bigger by planning fun activities!  

“The benefits are being with likeminded Christians and learning about the gospel. We also learn ways we can be examples and spread the love of Jesus within our days, ” Mrs. Hebert said.




Do you love animals or agriculture? Well, FFA has a spot for you! The Future Farmers of America, FFA, strives to provide leadership opportunities and career success schooling through agricultural education.

“As a club, we provide various opportunities for students and give back to the community. We do so by organizing multiple events that students can participate in and collecting donations,” Alaishia Joseph (11), FFA President, said.

Additionally, FFA allows you to learn about the agricultural world in-depth and build communication skills.

“I encourage underclassmen to join because it provides more insight into agriculture. It shows students that AG is more than just animals and plants, and it shows them that it plays a crucial part in making society run,” Joseph said.

Applying is easy; sign-up to take Agriculture Science on your schedule!



Key Club 

Are you interested in serving your community and leading others?

Key Club may be the right fit for you! Sponsored by Ms. Redmond, Mrs. Spears, and Mrs. Stanford, its goal is to serve while creating future leaders. In the past, Key Club has done Easter, special needs, women’s shelter, and drive & treat donation drives!  

To include everyone, Key Club requires a low GPA and fewer requirements than other service clubs such as Beta and NHS. Additionally, Freshmen are welcome!  

“Underclassmen should join because it gives them something to do and help put them on the right track, ” Vice-President Kayla Spears (12) said. 

To add to upperclassmen’s college application, Key Club attends a convention where members can apply for scholarships!  

“More importantly, it teaches the value of helping others in the community, ” Spears said.   

If you’re interested, listen for morning announcements and look out for flyers next year! 


Quiz Bowl 

Do you love trivia? Join Quiz Bowl, a team that competes in head-to-head competitions in all areas of knowledge: history, literature, popular culture, and sports. Sponsored by Mr. Delatte and Ms. Harper, the Quiz Bowl team participated in every Louisiana State Championship Tournament!  

“We tied for 3rd place in 2023. Quiz Bowl has also made seven appearances at the History Quiz Bowl National Championship Tournament in Washington, D.C.,” Mr. Delatte said.   

In Quiz Bowl, time is key! Questions are worth different points depending on when they are answered, so hit the buzzer quickly!   

Team player, Kayla Spears (12), went to Washington, D.C., for the Quiz Bowl Championship!  

“I saw the One World Trade Center Memorial and it is 1,776 feet (about twice the height of the Empire State Building) tall, a historic height. It also gives you another outlet to show what you have learned and keep you on your toes with current classes,” Spears said.   

Starting next year, Quiz Bowl members can letter in quiz bowl, if they meet the requirements! 

 Practices are Thursdays and Fridays, after school until 3:30 pm in Mr. Delatte’s class, though they are subject to change.