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The Hoofprint Online

The Costs for Ones Passion: Fall Edition
The Costs for One's Passion: Fall Edition
Alyvia Pierson, Co-Editor-in-Chief • May 1, 2024
The April Round-Up
The April Round-Up
Maddy Snyder, Co-Editor-in-Chief • April 30, 2024
Back to Our Roots!
Back to Our Roots!
Alyvia Pierson, Co-Editor-in-Chief • April 23, 2024

The Costs for One’s Passion: Winter Edition

Sports are common pursuits students take part in throughout school. However, everything comes at a price. Five students, who play winter sports, set the record straight as they share real financial truths about life as a student-athlete.

Least Expensive

With all his might, Jesse Ellis (10) competes at the West Feliciana track meet.

Cross country and track runner Jesse Ellis (10) has been running for four years, since the 7th grade. Growing up on a ranch, Jesse loved to run and play tag with his brother. His free-spirited nature and love for the outdoors prompted him to run competitively. Amazingly, Ellis managed to run for Varisty for two consecutive years!  

“I’ve never struggled with purchasing track gear since my family is well off,” Ellis (10) said. 

He believes running track is moderately affordable; not cheap yet not expensive.  

It’s $200 for pants, tights, shorts, and a shirt. A track uniform is free for anyone who runs.

— Jesse Ellis








As far as practices, it’s mandatory Monday-Friday during the meet week.

“I’d say [practices] are pretty demanding. The workouts are hard, and [my] legs are often sore,” Ellis (10) said.


Ava Raymond (10) gears up for basketball season.


Ava Raymond (10) is a shooting guard on the Lady Broncos basketball team. Twelve years ago, her dad introduced her to basketball, and Raymond’s love for the game sparked an ongoing interest. She practices for 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the day.  Surprisingly, playing basketball for school is more affordable than one may assume.

“We do a fundraiser, and each year, we have to reach a goal of $600. The fundraiser covers much of our finances throughout the year,” Raymond (10) said.

With that, basketball expenses don’t affect Raymond, especially since she has the help of her supportive family.

Since we do the fundraiser most of the money doesn’t come from me; my whole family supported me and gave the team money.

— Ava Raymond




But that’s just for school ball. Raymond plays for an AAU league that travels anywhere from Texas to Kentucky, raising the bar for skill and expenses.

“I just take tests beforehand since I know I’ll be traveling on weekends and missing school on some Mondays,” Raymond (10) said.


Pinning his opponent, Eli Roberts (11) competes in a wrestling match.

Second-Most Affordable

Second-year wrestler Eli Roberts (10) is skilled in one of the oldest combat sports in the world, Jiu-Jitsu. Prior to his 10-year career as a Jiu Jitsu athlete, Roberts never thought he’d wrestle, until friend and teammate, Sergio Houston (12), encouraged him to try the aggressive, competitive combat sport. 

Of course, pursuing a new sport means added costs. During Roberts’ freshman year, he spent an estimated $200 for just head gear ($30), clothing ($150 for five sets of practice clothes), and shoes ($50). Fees for tournaments and competitions are an additional expense that vary each year.  

“Costs aren’t a burden, because Coach Ben gives us fundraising opportunities. So that if we put in the work, we don’t have to pay anything at all,” Roberts (10) said.


Such fundraisers include raffle ticket calendars and selling ads to local businesses around Zachary.

Roberts managed to get his jiujitsu gym to advertise at their tournaments.  

Although Roberts never struggled to get the necessities, Roberts stays humble and always tries to offset the costs as much as possible. He compares wrestling expenses to other sports. 

In my opinion, it’s cheap to wrestle compared to other [sports], even though it seems expensive, we’re given so many opportunities to fundraise.

— Eli Roberts









Moderately Expensive 

Laila Sanders (11) and teammate Yasmin Batchelor (11) compete at a soccer game.

Laila Sanders (11) is a third-year center back on the Lady Broncos soccer team. Since the 3rd grade, Sanders fell in love with soccer and couldn’t ever imagine quitting. Over the last nine years, expenses have become increasingly demanding.

“We raise money for uniforms because we don’t get our own uniforms. However, practice wear can range from $50-$300, depending on your year on the team,” Sanders (11) said.

Adding on, nice cleats, which Sanders owns, are an estimated $200—a high price for luxury, which Sanders must pay annually due to the easy weariness of the shoe. Not to mention practice gear which Sanders spends $150-$250 dollars yearly. Although, the further one advances on the team, the cheaper costs get, as many veteran athletes already have the required outfit. With that, gear and money spent towards fundraisers, Sanders spent an estimated $400 for soccer this season. Participation fees were nullified this year, but in previous years it was $130 annually.

“Costs have never been a problem in my household, although I do know a lot of people who have struggled though. However, in past years, I’ve skipped out on club soccer because it can get super pricey,” Sanders (11) said.

Sanders expresses her sincere, honest opinions about the rigorous costs of playing soccer.

I don’t think it’s cheap at all [to play soccer] especially if you play club. If you play year around, it can be a pretty penny. Even just paying for high school is pricey.

— Laila Sanders










Most Expensive

Picture perfect, Armiyah Day (11) is all smiles for her Belles photoshoot.

Dancer, Armiyah Day (11), of 12 years, is a member of the nationally ranked Belles dance team. Pursuing cheer and dance simultaneously as a kid, Day realized her true passion lied with dance, as it felt special to her, like home. 

“We are a competition team that participates in regional, state, and national level. Therefore, we have more bills compared to a dance team that only performs at school,” Day (11) said.

During nationals season, the Belles practice Monday-Friday afterschool, which can be strenuous sometimes on a dancer’s body.

To be frank, bills build up easily. Uniforms and practice clothing start at $1500! One season with the Belles costs $3500—and that’s just the minimum.  

[The expenses] aren’t a burden at this point because I’ve been dancing for so long; its expected. I believe my parents plan for it and include it in their yearly budget.

— Armiyah Day


Overall, Day believes it’s relatively expensive to be a dancer on the Belles team. However, the tight-knit team and national titles overshadow the high expenses.  




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