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The Hoofprint Online

The Hoofprint Online

The Hoofprint Online

Teachers on strike in Portland, Oregon.

Accessing Value in Our Society: Teachers

Maddy Snyder, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2024

The compensation of teachers in our country is something that everyone talks about, but no one does anything to fix it. As a teacher’s daughter, I grew up watching my mom work incredibly hard and never...

Writers Strike: The Protest of the Privileged

Writers’ Strike: The Protest of the Privileged

Maddy Snyder, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 6, 2023

On Monday, October 2, late-night TV shows returned to the air after a 148-day hiatus, the longest interruption to American film and television since the COVID-19 shutdown. Rewind to five months ago...

“In God We Trust”:    An Imposition or Recognition?

“In God We Trust”: An Imposition or Recognition?

Alyvia Pierson, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 3, 2023

In June 2018, Louisiana’s democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, passed a law requiring “In God We Trust” signs to be hanged in all public schools. Recently, he passed another law, further strengthening...

Let’s Bop to Some K-Pop!

Alyvia Pierson, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 26, 2023

What is K-Pop?   Korean Pop Music, K-Pop for short, spans a record-breaking history. Typically, groups consist of several members, each with a unique talent: singing, rapping, mind-bogglingly, intense...

Is Social Media Worth All The Hype?

Laila Sanders, staff writer April 8, 2023

Social media platforms have become a huge part of people's everyday lives. All generations use some type of platform at least once in their life, but is it really all that great?      ...

The Willow Project: Internets Idea of the End of the World

The Willow Project: Internet’s Idea of the End of the World

Maddy Snyder, Staff Editor/Writer April 5, 2023

The internet went feral when Biden approved the Willow Project on March 13. I remember opening my For You page on TikTok to find hundreds of videos of polar bears stranded on melting icebergs while oil...

Humanoid Robots: To Help or To Harm

Humanoid Robots: To Help or To Harm

Alyvia Pierson, Staff Editor/Writer March 24, 2023

For over a century, humanity has been fascinated by the idea of another life form to satisfy all areas of need: the robot. Not just a machine with wires and AI programs but a humanoid robot. The question...

Diving Into the World of Disney Princesses

Diving Into the World of Disney Princesses

Maddy Snyder, Alyvia Pierson, and Laila Sanders January 23, 2023

How are Disney princesses defining our society regarding feminism, body image, and the LGBTQ community? Feminism Maddy Snyder From Halloween costumes to catchy soundtracks, Disney Princesses are...

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