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The Costs for One's Passion: Fall Edition
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The April Round-Up
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Netflix’s Treasure: Live Action One Piece Review

Shooting through Netflix’s ranks and sitting comfortably at rank number one, One Piece is among the first official anime live-action remakes to be a success. Already anticipating season two, fans are astounded at the sheer brilliance of the show, which exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Netflix’s One Piece changed the anime world forever on Thursday, August 31, 2023. One Piece, streaming on Netflix, has risen to the top of the streaming service’s ranks, surpassing Wednesday and Stranger Things. The show, which cost around 18 million dollars per episode to make, has become an anime-live action that has officially broken records. Fans weary upon the show’s release have been left speechless as their beloved One Piece included everything they hoped to see in the series. With eight episodes in its first season, fans are eager to dive into the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates in this new format. 

Episode 1: Romance Dawn 

In the first episode, titled “Romance Dawn,” we are introduced to Monkey D. Luffy, the charismatic young pirate who dreams of finding the legendary treasure known as the One Piece. Luffy sets off on his journey and encounters Koby, a deckhand in need of rescue. Together, they ally and navigate the challenges of Shells Town, where they meet Roronoa Zoro, a skilled pirate hunter, and Nami, a master thief. 

Episode 2: The Man in the Straw Hat 

“The Man in the Straw Hat” continues Luffy’s adventure as he, Zoro, and Nami find themselves imprisoned on an island ruled by the deranged clown pirate, Buggy. Meanwhile, Koby joins the Marines and proves his worth. Featuring the actions and battles that define the world of One Piece, Luffy’s determination to overcome any obstacle in his path is evident. 

Episode 3: Tell No Tales 

In “Tell No Tales,” Luffy and his crew arrive at Syrup Village, where they meet Usopp, a local with a penchant for tall tales. Usopp introduces them to Kaya, a young heiress in need of their help. While Koby embarks on his own journey within the Marines, Luffy and his crew navigate the challenges of Syrup Village and face off against strong enemies.  

Episode 4: The Pirates Are Coming 

“The Pirates Are Coming” follows Luffy, Zoro, and Nami as they fight their way through Kaya’s mansion, which has been taken over by Captain Kuro and his crew. Usopp rallies the help of Koby, Helmeppo, and the Marines to aid in the battle. As the crew faces danger, they also come one step closer to achieving their goals. 

Episode 5: Eat at Baratie! 

Luffy and his crew face a new challenge in “Eat at Baratie!” as they arrive at Baratie, a floating restaurant known for its delectable cuisine. Here, they encounter Sanji, a skilled chef with a love for fine dining and women. The crew tests their teamwork as they navigate the high seas and engage in a duel that surprises everyone involved.  

Episode 6: The Chef and the Chore Boy 

“The Chef and the Chore Boy” sees the crew facing an unexpected threat that puts their skills and bonds to the test. After a challenging battle at Baratie, Sanji must make a significant decision about his future, while another crew member reveals their true nature.  

Episode 7: The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo 

In “The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo,” the crew comes to the aid of a member in desperate need of family and support. As they navigate new challenges and confront intense adversaries, they demonstrate the strength of their bonds and the loyalty they share. 

Episode 8: Worst in the East 

The final episode of the season, “Worst in the East,” brings the first season to a thrilling conclusion. As the crew faces their most formidable enemy yet, they must summon all their strength and determination to emerge victorious. 

I think the live-action features and displays all of the characters fans love and know with exceptional accuracy. From the main crew to small background characters, the adaptation knocks it out of the park with characters, designs, and scenery. Of course, the showrunners had to change some plots and storylines to condense 30 hours of story into just eight hours, but Netflix has proven it is possible to do so with flawless results. 

I personally have been a fan of the anime and manga versions of One Piece, and I found myself enjoying this remake the same way I enjoyed the animated version. With its captivating storylines, dynamic characters, and thrilling action sequences, this adaptation successfully captures the spirit of the original manga created by Eiichrio Oda. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the world of One Piece, this series provides an entertaining experience that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment of the series. 

Take a look at some supporting and minor characters I think personally nailed their roles: 

Buggy – Jeff Ward


Kaya – Celeste Loots 

NojikoChioma Umeala 

Koby – Morgan Davies 

Helmeppo – Aidan Scott

Klahadore – Alexander Maniatis 

Alvida – Ilia Isorelýs Paulino 

Mihawk – Steven John Ward 

Young Luffy – Colton Osorio

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