Theater Elevated: A Raisin in The Sun


Laila Sanders, Staff writer

The Zachary High theater program performed A Rain in The Sun last week. They made it an experience.

First performed in 1959, A Raisin in The Sun is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry. A Raisin in The Sun is a story that revolves around the Younger family. The Youngers are a poor, struggling black family living in the 1950s. After the tragic passing of Mr. Younger, the Younger family expects a 10,000-dollar check. While the new man of the house, Walter Lee Younger, played by D’Merik Carey (12), struggles with not feeling man enough, he loses his pride and dignity. Walter and his wife, Ruth Younger, played by Camryn Beathley (12), lose their connection, and Ruth struggles with her problems. Walter’s sister, Benetha Younger, played by Nia Butler (12), is trying to find her identity and place in the world. Lena Younger, “Mama”, played by Cynthia Jackson (9), is sorting through her grief and trying desperately to keep her family together. With the check coming, everyone has opinions on what should be done with the money. As the family sorts through their differences, they finally regain their pride and come together again.

The students really put on a show. This showing of A Raisin in The Sun was not just a regular play. Instead, the producers of the play opted for a less traditional performance space, and the cast performed just a few feet away from the audience, making viewers feel even more connected to the play. Being so close to the play, you were really able to see the emotions of the actors and see everything in action. Overall, the performance was amazing, the cast and production crew worked hard and did a fantastic job. If you’re interested in watching Zachary High perform A Raisin in The Sun, they will be putting on another show in January, so watch out for the dates.