In Remembrance of Mrs. Stacey Hornsby (1969-2022)


Alyvia Pierson, Staff Editor/Writer

On the morning of August 10, 2022, the Zachary Community experienced the tragic passing of Mrs. Stacey Hornsby. She was a special woman who made a lasting impact on everyone. To some, she was the lady in the front office, but to others, she was a mother, sister, aunt, or friend. No matter her role, an amazing soul was lost.

Mrs. Hornsby was extremely caring and had a generous spirit. During her many years as an administrative clerk, she went above and beyond to help her coworkers and students. Faculty remembers her for “having the most special, wonderful, and loud laugh that would make them smile on a not-so good day.”

One of the faculty’s favorite memories is when Mrs. Hornsby would tell long stories and ask, “You know what I mean?” Her coworkers would smile and agree with her even though they had no idea what she was talking about. Mrs. Hornsby’s coworkers, “are better people for having her in their lives.”

Abby Morris, Mrs. Hornsby’s niece, described her aunt as “the sweetest, caring, and best person I’ve ever met. She had a way of making everyone feel special.” Grateful to have such an endearing person by her side, Abby would visit Mrs. Hornsby anytime she needed. On a tough day, Abby would visit Mrs. Hornsby in the office because “she made me laugh and loved me.”

Though we are deeply saddened by Mrs. Hornsby’s absence, she will remain in our thoughts and hearts forever.