Greatest Show on Turf: Homecoming Parade

Maddy Snyder, Staff Editor/Writer

Zachary’s community excites in homecoming parade!

The city of Zachary plays an active role in the high school’s homecoming. Students at the elementary and middle schools wear Bronco colors on Friday to show their support. People of all ages (not just high school students) cheer on the team at the football game. And, perhaps most notably, hundreds swarm Main Street to catch a glimpse of the homecoming parade!

According to Zachary tradition, the homecoming parade is the best way for the community to support the school. Lucy Yoes (12) said, “I think [the parade] builds community. Even if you don’t like football, it’s still cool how everybody gets to see the parade and gets excited about it.” Adding to Yoes’ opinion, Marquis McQuirter (11) said, “It’s a real big thing… because everybody in the community does their part… so it brings the community together.”

Along with strengthening the city’s sense of community, the parade excites the students responsible for designing and making the floats. The Girls’ Soccer Float particularly stood out with its extravagant design (a trapeze artist kicking a soccer ball). Yoes, who created the design, said, “I got my sketchbook and tried to do something outside the box, and so I made this design with a trapeze artist playing soccer… so I really like it… I think it’s unique.” 

The Freshman Class float also caught spectators’ eyes with its intricate drawings of things you might find at the circus. Kortnee London (9) said, “We used a mesh material [to create] this cotton candy. And then, we traced out some animals and things that you see at the circus, and we put those on the float too… I’m very proud of it.”

Other highlights were the JROTC float, which was decorated as a tank; the Volleyball float, which had a circus-concessions theme; and the Swim team’s float, which used rubber duckies to create a “hook-a-duck” carnival game.

All in all, the parade was a smashing success, leaving the city of Zachary elated!