Spring Break Vacations

Alyvia Pierson, Staff Writer/Editor

Spring Break, a time to travel the world with family and friends, is the most cherished time of the school year. Four Zachary High students made their final break of the year extremely worthwhile. 


Eva Godbold (10)   

Eva visited Universal Studios, one of the world’s most magical and exciting places. Spending her entire Spring Break at the thrilling amusement park, Eva thoroughly enjoyed her vacation. 

Her family planned to ride every ride, visit every attraction, and marvel at the park’s wonders. 

“The Revenge of Mummies ride was my favorite; it was scary but a lot of fun!” said Eva . 

The haunted ride offers an in-depth, immersive experience featuring warrior mummies, launches, and surround-sound speakers. 

Eva also enjoyed the Harry Potter section at Universal Studios. The Harry Potter rollercoaster features a 17-foot vertical drop, the longest roller coaster in Florida! 

After riding, Eva cheerfully poses in front of the Hogwarts castle alongside her dad and brother, Edward Godbold (11) (Pictured left) 

“I recommend everyone visit Universal Studios; there’s so much to see and do!” said Eva. 

Eva had a wonderful time visiting Universal Studios and made memories with her family that she’ll never forget. 


Reed Clouatre (9)

Traveling to one of the biggest cities in the world, Reed Clouatre (9) goes to New York City for Spring Break. 

“My expectations are rather high. I have friends that have been to New York City and loved it, so I was really looking forward to it!” said Reed .  

Spending a week in the Big Apple with his parents, they planned to visit many tourist attractions such as Times Square, the 9/11 memorial, a Broadway play, and the Statue of Liberty. 

Pictured right, Reed overlooks New York City from atop the Empire State Building, a view like no other! 

Once returning home, Reed concluded that New York was spectacular and an incredible experience. 

“I recommend New York as a great place to go as a vacation spot. I would go back again if I had another chance to!” said Reed. 



Anna Beauchamp (10) 

Spending time outdoors, Anna Beauchamp (10) spends her Spring Break in Floyd, Virginia, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

Since Anna had been to Virginia before, she thought she’d shop, eat, and hike mostly. So she was surprised when she discovered the trip had much more in store.    

With her mom and grandmother, Anna visited her brother and sister. They attended her brother’s regatta competition, a sporting event involving multiple boat races.   

“My favorite part was seeing my siblings again; they are both in college, and I don’t see them as much, so it was fun to hang out with them,” said Anna. 

She also toured Virginia Tech and was pleased to see the opportunities the college offered. 

“Overall, my trip was fun, and I enjoyed spending time with my family, and I was glad that I was able to get away,” said Anna. 


Gianna Davis (9) 

Catching some rays, Gianna Davis (9) vacations at Pensacola Beach, Florida. She hoped to regain a new focus on the world by spending time by the waves. 

For three days, Gianna had a pleasurable and relaxing time at the beach with her mom, sisters, and brother. 

“We went sightseeing, checked out historical sights, and saw dolphins,” said Gianna. 

Her family visited Fort George, a former British military base during the American Revolution, and the Pensacola Art Museum, a female-founded museum. 

Gianna and her family also toured Pensacola Bay and saw a spectacular dolphin show. 

“One dolphin jumped out of the water; it was the coolest thing ever! Others were mostly swimming in the ocean with their families,” said Gianna.   

Pictured right, Gianna and her family engaged in family time during a boat tour while watching the dolphins play.