Exceeding Expectations

Laila Sanders, Staff Writer

Meet Zachary High’s 2023 Student of the Year, Lucille Yoes!

Lucille Yoes has the upstanding opportunity to represent Zachary High School as the Student of the Year. She and many others have the chance to win the Lousiana Student of the Year.  

According to Louisiana Believes, the selection process is based on several criteria and artifacts combined to create a portfolio: application, an autobiographical essay, academic records, leadership, activities, recognitions, and service/citizenship.  

“Once eligible, I had to complete a series of paperwork,” Yoes said. “The excitement for the opportunity kept me motivated during the process.” 

Lucille has kept herself very involved in extracurriculars during her four years. “During my school career, I was actively involved in soccer, wrestling, Honors Society, mock trial, Spanish club, quiz bowl, and talented art.” These sports and clubs have helped her stay involved and have a great high school experience and allowed her to build character and learn essential life skills.   

Once selected as a finalist, Seniors had interviews with the selection committee consisting of the faculty, school board, and district leaders.  

“When I heard that I was a finalist, I was over the moon,” Yoes said.  

Twenty-four hours later, Lucille found that she was named the Student of the Year. “I had no words when I was informed that I had won. My face was aching from my smile.” Yoes said.  

“As Student of the Year, I represent Zachary High and what it means to be a Bronco. Besides being able to put it on my resume, the title ZHS gave me lets me know that everything I have been doing has been acknowledged and has paid off.” – Lucille Yoes

Lucille shares her advice with all future applicants for Student of the Year.  

“Be your best self! Having a good application can only get you so far… Your actions and interactions with others define your character and personality; those are just as important as an ACT score or GPA.” – Lucille Yoes