The Greatest Show on Turf: 2022 Homecoming Game

Laila Sanders, Staff writer

Zachary High going into the fourth game of the season, with the first three victories, the pressure was on.  

This year’s Homecoming game left all the Bronco fans with a disappointing outcome, after a year of being undefeated the Broncos were finally beaten by their opponent, Saint Augustine. Brocos taking kickoff they come in to the game strong. By the end of the first half the Broncos had taken a lead at 17-3 leaving fans with high hopes. Unfortunately, in the second half the Broncos were not able to succeed in winning the game.

“With having a bye week, after a hard-fought game last week, gives us time to shape things up and make sure we are all on the same page”

— Tylon Williams

A shoutout to number 17, Tylon Williams (12), who made a beautiful touchdown. Tylon gives praise to “the ten other guys on the field, opening up the running lane for [him] and [their] special team’s coach.” This loss has truly been a shock to many, it has been a big loss for the team and the community. One of the team captains, Camern Stewert (12), speaks on behalf of his team stating that “[They] feel like they have let down the Zachary community, and [they] have let down [their] coaches.” The team plans to refocus and work on their mistakes. The players have been staying even more focused at practices, with the goal of coming back from this game with a win.