The Rivalry Game of the Year: Zachary vs. Scotlandville

Alyvia Pierson, Staff Editor/Writer

One of the most anticipated games of the year occurred this past Friday. With the booming fans, spirited cheerleaders, and show-stopping bands, this was certainly a night to remember! 

          On Friday, October 14, the Zachary Broncos played the Scotlandville Hornets. This rivalry game was highly anticipated and is most looked forward to every year. Fans, cheerleaders, students, and spectators were decked out in pink attire for breast cancer awareness. During the first quarter, the Hornets scored first, gaining a few additional field goal points. Towards the end of the quarter, Scotlandville tried for another on-side kick but failed, giving Zachary the ball at the 50-yard mark. Camren Stewart (12), #34, gets a 30-yard run and Eli Holstein (12) runs the ball for Zachary’s first touchdown of the game. 

         For the remainder of the game, Zachary’s chances of winning are high as we score touchdown after touchdown. During the second quarter, Kameron Thomas (11) scores a 30-yard touchdown. Soon after, Zachary scores two more touchdowns during the second quarter. During halftime, Scotlandville’s band performed amazingly with lots of applause to their drum major, RJ. Scotlandville’s dance team, wearing sparkling body suits, accompanied them, putting on a flashy and jaw-dropping performance. It is safe to say the Hornets gave Zachary a taste of Scotlandville pride on our turf.

Madelyn Snyder

         Scotlandville scores a touchdown during the second half, while Zachary is more than 20 points ahead. The Broncos faked a punt on a fourth down, though they ran the ball. Additionally, Scotlandville scored once again. In the end, Zachary is victorious as the end game score is 53-38. As many spectators and fans pack up and head home, Zachary’s Band of Blue performed again.

         Running back Camren Stewart (12) described tonight’s game as, “…a great team win with a great game.” In response to Scotlandville scoring a touchdown during the first quarter, Stewart said, “We had to settle down and lock in on our assignments, and in the end, we came back and played some good Zachary High football.” 

         Coach Brewerton, Zachary’s Head Football Coach, congratulated his offensive line, as the Broncos were able to run the ball effectively. “Everyone works hard,” states Brewerton, “our players, coaches, and staff to make sure everything is executed. I’m very proud of them.” After being fired up on the sidelines, Brewerton states, “We do this for a living. We work 100 hours a week, and we expect perfection out of them and ourselves; so yes, I wasn’t happy with some things that happened tonight.” Nevertheless, though mistakes were made, the Broncos once proved that success comes through diligence and hard work.