The Semifinals Game

Alyvia Pierson, Staff Editor/Writer

The Broncos played the #1 Ruston Bearcats this past Friday. Though the outcome was not in our favor, let’s dive into what happened during the last football game of the year.

Since our victory over the Southside Sharks, fans, spectators, teachers, and the student body anticipated our next challenge: Ruston. As the #1 football team in Louisiana, with a 13-1 record, a lot was riding on this game, as many expected the New Orleans Dome to be our next destination. It was a game of passion and greed; the question was, who wanted to win the most? Students were encouraged to make the four-hour drive to Ruston, and boy, did they show up! The entire visitor’s side was packed with red, white, and blue, expressing school spirit while cheering on the Broncos. The ZHS cheerleaders, Belles, Flag Team, and Band of Blue were alongside them, providing sideline entertainment. With many Bronco fans making appearances with school spirit through the roof, how did our footballers play?

By the end of the first quarter, Zachary and Ruston were neck and neck with a score of 0-0. Both defenses held firm, not letting each other score. The highly competitive atmosphere increased the intensity of the game. By halftime, Ruston, ahead by 10 points, left Zachary in the dust with a score of 17-7. During halftime, the Ruston Band performed in their vibrant red uniforms with appearances by the Ruston cheer and dance team, followed by a crowd spell-out of “CATS.” Unfortunately, the Broncos continued to fall behind with a heartbreaking score of 30-14 in the third quarter. Ruston scored touchdown after touchdown, as Zachary remained static with consecutive flags thrown. During the last quarter, silence fell over the crowd, student body, and spirit crew. With tears shed by the soon-to-be graduating seniors mixed with disappointment, the Zachary community knew our fate. Moreover, with an end-game score of 37-22, the Ruston Bearcats will play the Destrehan Wildcats at the 5A State Championship in New Orleans on Friday, December 9. Though the Zachary Bronco’s football season ended, the players demonstrated sportsmanship, passion, and determination during their 2022 season.