Zachary Beats Central Private: A Nail-Biter of a Baseball Game

Maddy Snyder, Staff Writer/Editor

On Tuesday night, spectators flooded the stands of Zachary’s Youth Park to witness Zachary High’s Boys’ Baseball team take on Central Private.  

During the top of the first inning, Zachary maintained a strong defense, flying out the first batter and throwing fast, unhittable balls to strike out two more batters. In the bottom of the first inning, Zachary pulled ahead with Sawyer Seguin (11) and Matthew Keller (12) making it home to bring the score to two to zero.  

The second and third innings were defensive; each team kept the other from scoring any runs.  

Central Private gained two runs in the fourth and fifth innings, despite Zachary’s best efforts, bringing the score to a nail-biting tie of two to two. A nervous silence filled the stands; everyone leaning forward to concentrate on the game. 

Zachary regained the lead in the sixth inning when Hudson Spangler (11) smacked a miraculous home run to bring the score to three to two. The excited jumps and loud cheers of the fans shook the bleachers, as if they too were congratulating Spangler. 

The seventh inning was nerve-racking for both teams as Zachary missed a grounder, allowing Central Private to bring a baseman home for a tie of three to three. A fog of anxious attentiveness washed over the crowd, everyone eager to know what would happen next. 

In the end, Zachary pulled ahead with a walk-off home run from Seguin to end the game at four to three. Spectators and players alike celebrated, cheering and chanting, glad for the win. Good job, Broncos!